Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wokka wokka

136.8 today.

I've been bad today. Had oatmeal for breakfast with sugar and almonds and milk. Had two slices of pizza for lunch. ;; No bueno.

BUT. I have no homework due tomorrow. So today I'll be spending at least two hours at the gym. I like this plan. This is a good plan.

I seriously doubt I'll be skinny by prom. I'm going to be ugly. Ugh. Maybe I'll wear my dress from Sophomore year instead. It's much more prom-y anyways.

ALSO. I'm now on Twitter. First account ever, still figuring it out. xD I'm @SparksInsomniac so come say hi and I'll follow you!

Uhh.. I think that's it.

And I got the best idea ever for my tattoo. Just fyi. But it's a surprise so can't tell! :)

Peace, Love, & Skinny.

> Sparks <

1 comment:

  1. ahhhh you're killing me with your tattoo surprise! this definitely means picture when you get it!