Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Okay so in lighter news...

I weigh 134.0 pounds.

That's a 6.6 pound loss from yesterday... To be honest I think it was probably mostly bloating and *cough* waste material *cough* that had yet to be expelled. Yesterday I almost fasted. I consumed a grand total of 1.5 cups of lowfat milk (iknowiknowiknow) (150), two pieces of gum (5), 16 oz. of coffee (5), and a Dove vanilla ice cream bar with dark chocolate (totally worth the 250). Along with about 6-9 glasses of water during the school day and literally two gallons of tea in the afternoon/evening... Seriously. I drink enough tea during the day to drown a goldfish. Usually I just make a big pitcher and add about 5 packets of sweetener to it. Zero cal sweet tea, hot or iced. Like a boss.

So yeah. Yesterday came with a grand total of 410 calories. I burned 100 doing a quick workout thing (the 40-30-20-10 workout) but stayed home from the gym to work on a scholarship... which is coming up soon.

Today I've had 1/2 cup of skim milk (45 since it's organic) and some espresso (not sure if that has a lot of cals or not since it was instant powder). For lunch I'll have 1 cup of lowfat milk (100) because it's the only kind my school offers. I could get chocolate skim, but that has 110. idk yet. I'm kinda craving chocolate lately.

I burned 100 this morning with the same workout. I also have gym class today, though I don't expect to burn more than 100 there since it's an introduction day and we take half the class to read through a packet... plus I don't know what sport we're doing now. I really want to go to the gym today. I seriously need to exercise. plus I fucking love it. <3

Okayokay. So scholarships.

I spent close to 2 hours making little paper cutout dudes for this Frame my Future scholarship. I drew out figures, glued them to Mat board, and then spent like another 4 hours cutting them out with an exacto knife. Then I photographed them, and it looked really cool.

Then, I spent 3 hours going round and round their website on like five different computers trying to find the entry form.... and I couldn't fucking find it.

So I had to email it in (like three minutes past the deadline), which they said not to do, that you have to use the entry form, that there are no exceptions, you can't wait until the last minute in case you have problems with our website, blah blah blah.

So basically I did all of that work for nothing. And it's not even my fault. Their website is totally fucked up.

So that's probably my shot at $1000 down the drain because of something that's totally not my fault.


Sighsigh. Regardless of this STUPID FUCKING FUCKERY FUCKING THING OF MEGA FUCKED UP FUCKS I'm in a really good mood today. I've been bubbly all day.

OHH and my cylinder pot from ceramics made it into an art show. Which is UBER FUCKING HARD to get into! So I'm totally stoked! Like you have no idea. <3

Okay okay. Sparks has to go now.

Peace, love, and skinny, kids. Cheerio. ;)

> Sparks <

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