Saturday, January 12, 2013

Crash, Bang, Boom

Hello my lovelies.

Weeeeeeelllll. Here's a cheers to the fatal flaws of human kind.

So I was supposed to fast today, or maybe do a liquid diet. Three guesses how that went.

So let's just preface this with the statement that I'm a sucker for Nutella, and that I have the willpower of a carrot.

So I had bread, toast, Nutella, peanut butter, Nutella, popsicle, hot chocolate, Nutella, salad for dinner, with cheese, and with croutons, Nutella, tortilla and cheese, Nutella, bowl of grits with brown sugar, Nutella, coffee with half n' half, Nutella...

And then, guess what?

My brother's just like, "Hey, Sparks, we're having a surprise party for my girlfriend tonight. Wanna come?"

And since I'm trying to be more outgoing (and the party was fun, actually) I agreed.

So I had two pretty good sized pieces of cake, and two cupcakes, and popcorn, and a ton of veggies with ranch dip, and fruit, and two diet pops, and some Triscuits.

So yeah. I'm not even going to try and figure out my calorie count for the day. It's probably some handful of thousands.

Ugh. It's so frustrating. Today I woke up and I could see my ribs and hip bones a lot better, and even my waist looked smaller, and my tummy was pretty flat. Now it's all bloated and distended and looks like a tub of lard. And I feel like shit. Ugh. :/

Whatever. It'll set me back from my GW, but it's not going to keep me from reaching it. I'm going to fast tomorrow (forreals this time) because it's a lot easier for me to fast on a Sunday for some reason. I'm also going skiing tomorrow for like 5 hours so that should burn a crap ton of calories.

So yeah, all those deficits pretty much went for nothing. C'est la vie. I'll do better tomorrow.

I hope everyone else stays strong, and I hope I get better.

Peace, Love, & Strength. xx

> Sparks <

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