Monday, January 14, 2013

Now, That's More Like It

Okay, so yesterday didn't go as planned, but it still went pretty well.

I went to church (I'm not actually religious, but if I don't go then I'm grounded from everything for forever) and had coffee with Splenda and a yoplait light for breakfast. Then I was cool until it was time to go skiing at 2, at which point I had a chocolate chunk granola bar (90) and more coffee. Midway through our skiing trip I was freezing so my friend and I went back inside to warm up, at which point I spent $2.25 (the FUCK?) on a cup of coffee that way WAAAAYYY too hot to drink, and I had another granola bar. After skiing for another hour my coffee was cool enough to touch. Like, hot damn.

Anyways. So it was a ton of fun yesterday. :) I wiped out twice, the first because I was getting used to it (since I hadn't been skiing in like six years) and the second because it was actually mostly ice, rather than snow, but then I hit this drift that I didn't see and did like five somersaults. So now I'm all bruised down my side and butt and back. But whatevs.

Ooooohhh. And there were these really hot guys there. Like, snowboarders, with dirty sandy blonde hair and gorgeous blue eyes and this really sexy voice. Like. Hot. Fuckin. Damn. SOOOO HOT.


So I skied for like.. idk. three and a half hours, once I factor out breaks and lift time and a half hour for my safety net.

Then I went home and had a cup of tea, some chicken broth (10) and a Hershey's kiss and went to bed.

So yesterday.

Consumed: 316
Burned: 994
Net: -678

Fuck, I'm good.

So I'll post later for today's entry. Love you all! ~ <3

Peace, Love, Skinny.

> Sparks <

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